Thursday, April 5, 2012

Colorado Kick-off resins, foals and finale

Winning isn't everything, but it's a whole lot more fun than losing.

This explains why the Resin Foal Division was arguably the most fun part of my day at the Colorado Kick-off Show.  My brand new Pixie resin, Squee!, started things off with a double win in the Light Breed Foal class.

Stock Foals were next.  The solid colored babies showed on one end of the table... 
 while their spotted counterparts took up residence on the other. 
Big and little babies!
My newly renovated Okie Rio, Rajun Cajun, was another double winner.  This cute baby was sculpted by Carol Williams, painted by Chris Nandell Flint and restored by Jennifer Scott. 
The Sport Foal class was big and deep. 
Val's Arabian/Hanoverian cross won the breed section, 
but my babies did just fine, placing second and third (Wonderscope) and first and second (Rave Review). 
 Onto to Drafts and Longears!
Gimme S'more kept the Braymere winning streak alive with another first and second.
One side of the Foal callback table. 
My side of the Foal callback table! 
Two Braymere babies with three certificates!  Woo hoo! 
Once the foals were cleared from the table, it was time for the Overall Championship callbacks.
I had a lot of horses on the table... 
but Val McEntee's Trakehner... 
and Sherre Tuley's mustang claimed top honors in the Breed section.  
Teresa Fedak's Tortilla was the Overall Grand Champion in the Workmanship division.  Tortilla is a Jennifer Scott Sencillo resin painted by Sheila Bishop.
And Squeeeeee!   Reserve Grand Champion in the Workmanship division was my own Squee!
Many thanks to Danielle Feldman for bringing Squee! to life.  Thanks also to Regan O'Keefe for holding the Colorado Kick-off Show and to Teresa, Yashka and Regan for judging!


  1. Woohoo! Many congratulations! It was well worth the wait. You wouldn't believe how many times I kept stalking your blog this week during my "study breaks". And I LOVE the name! What a fabulous show you had with so many lovelies. :) Congratulations!

  2. I kind of knew I was torturing you, but I figured you'd forgive me since she did so well! Squee! got a lot of attention when I put her down on the table. She's such a cute sculpture and your finishwork really brought her to life. I am so pleased to be her "mommy"!


  3. Congratulations to your winning streak! You have many wonderful models!
    I saw your picture of Sherre Tuley's mustang and was intrigued, do you know what kind of model it is?