Monday, April 23, 2012

High Plains Live Model Horse Show

Last Saturday's High Plains Live was Sheila Bishop's first experience as a live show host, and boy, was it an impressive debut!   

Perhaps the most notable feature of the show was the prizes.  Champions received a traditional scale Brio Sambra or Charity resin, while Reserve Champions were awarded a Chevy medallion.  Additionally, the top horses in each division won either a blanket of flowers or neck sash.  These items were donated by Nebraska's Chris Allen.
Since not everyone can win an award, there was also a mighty fine raffle.  Offerings included  a pancake griddle, painted and unpainted medallions... 
original finish models and several different resins. 
Here's Sheila choosing a winner. 
Tiffany won the Brio Sombra!  Technically, I won the doll but I let Tiffany take it home with her.  After all, it's a driving doll and everyone knows I don't show in harness.
Although there were no Original Finish Plastic classes, this was a big show by Colorado standards with six separate divisions.  The five person judging staff included Karen Gerhardt (Custom Halter), Barb Spohr (OF and Custom Glazed China), Molly Pengra (Performance), 
Jennifer Scott (Mini Resin Halter) and Jane Schneider (Artist Resin). 
photo by Nancy Dement
Tiffany and I each had a table but rather than going with a "yours and mine" arrangement we used one table to store the halter horses...
and the other for tacking and talking.
Actually, "tacking and talking" pretty much sums up my day at the High Plains Live show.  Here's Teresa tacking,
Sandy tacking,
and Tiffany and Regan talking.   
Many thanks to Sheila and all the judges for their hard work in making the High Plains Live Model Horse Show such a big success.  I can hardly wait until the 2013 edition!


  1. *sigh*

    The shows you go to always look like so much FUN!!!

    Wish I could come to one.........

  2. Colorado shows *are* fun. Certainly there are more competitive regions, but the happy, laid back atmosphere at our shows is hard to beat!

  3. Don't forget the creepy eyes!

  4. That looks like it was soooo much fun!


  5. Eee I called this show! lol! :D

    (No no I called Shelia about something unrelated & typical flake had TOTALLY forgot she was having a show Sat).

    It was SO COOL to hear everyone! I totally see names there I also would've asked to talk to if I'd known ... show disturber that I am..

    Anyhow, yay & congrats to all the winners of those gorgeous Brios (and neat new medallions!). How cool!

  6. Once again, I'm loving your show report, Jennifer! Thank you! The awards really knock me out. Resins galore! I also love those beautiful awards with roses.

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and comments! I love reading your blog!
    (I'm going to have to figure out how to get to one of these shows.....)

  8. It's wonderful seeing everybody. Thank you so much!! Is that a TSII bridle Sandy is adjusting? I'm sure sorry I can't make Springamathing! but I'll be in the neighborhood soon after.