Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High Plains Live Other Performance

The Other Performance division at the High Plains Live Show opened with the Light Harness class.  Although I didn't have an entry in that class, there was one Braymere "harness" on the table.
I made this Swiss ski-joring set for Sandy Lyles way back in 2004.  I haven't seen it in years, so it was a real treat to revisit it Saturday.  I was especially pleased to note that it's held up pretty well.  My buckles and keepers are a bit neater nowadays, but nothing on this set made me wince!
It's worth mentioning that only the harness and bridle are mine.  Sue Rowe made the noseband and Sandy made the blinker hood, boots and doll.
Onto Arabian Costume!
Even though I own several nice costumes, I don't generally show in this class.
Tiffany told me that was ridiculous, so I told her I'd show in the class if she'd do all the work.
Woo hoo!  It turns out that Tiffany is a really good groom.  My old friend Nejmet won her first ever pink card with the six year costume.
Native American costume is another one I usually skip.
This time, however, there was a Brio Sombra up for grabs.
If I wanted to win it...
I needed to bring my A-game.
Once again, I leaned on Tiffany.  She came through by lending me this adorable costume...
which came complete with some spiffy handwritten documentation!
It turns out that Tiffany is not just a world class customizer.  She also makes dolls.  Who knew and why has she been holding out on me?
The rest of the costume was made by Shannon Granger of Riversong Saddlery.  
After a quick tack change, Emma was back in another Riversong tack set.  I thought she looked pretty wonderful, but the Parade/Other Costume class was tough.
Some of the other entries included Regan's Deseoso,
Sandy's Lonesome Dove,
and Val McEntee's Egyptian Dancing Horse.
Top honors went to Val's other Arabian, who looked absolutely stunning in this parade entry.
Scene was next.  I was too busy cleaning my house to prepare an entry for this class.  
Probably it didn't matter.  It's awfully hard to beat Sandy in this one!
The division wrapped with Other Performance.
Sandy's Lonesome Dove was back, this time in jousting gear.
"My name is Inigo Montoya..." 
After two near misses, Emma finally broke through to claim her first blue ribbon of the day.
Still, it wasn't enough to challenge Lonesome Dove for the division championship.  He was the clear winner with three first place ribbons, two seconds and a fifth.
Emma had to settle for the Reserve Championship title.  I didn't know it at the time, but that was a sign of things to come!
English Performance is next!


  1. Wow! So many excellent entries!


  2. Is that gray Arabian in the parade costume an actual "haired" model? You don't see those so much anymore, that's a shame because it looks awesome!

  3. Everyone brings their A game when there are Brio Sambra resins on the line!

    Val owns several lovely haired resins. I am happy with sculpted manes and tails, but hair done well really does look wonderful!

    (As an aside--Tiffany does good hair. She doesn't do it much, but she does it well.)

  4. I am SHOOTING that damn Indian doll.... !@#$%^&@#$%^&@#$%^&

  5. You know, Teresa, that would probably be a good Scene class entry!


  6. Another question: how come Lonesome Dove was able to show in "Arabian Costume?" Thought he was a Paint. After reading your other posts re: this show, it looks like he actually showed in EVERYTHING - I didn't think this was possible! (I know Emma is a good multitasker, but good grief)

  7. I'm just going to come out and say it--If I had been judging, Lonesome Dove would NOT have won a NAN card in the Arabian Costume class. Sandy did have some nice documentation regarding pinto half Arabs showing in costume. However, that model is just not a convincing half Arab. I mean it's remotely possible, but...

    Tiffany is an Arab person, so she gave Sandy a lot of crap about it. We even joked about calling Emma a half Arab mule and putting a costume on her!

    All kidding aside, I totally understand Sandy's decision to put this on the table. It's not a perfect entry, but it's good enough to do well under some judges. Certainly it was good enough for this judge, and Sandy has the Brio Sambra to prove it!