Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Merit awards

Tiffany will be here in just a few days, and I have been trying to make the house look presentable.  This is a much bigger project than it should be, and I have to admit that I am one of the worst offenders.  My studio is a disaster.  Every surface is covered with clutter, and every pile of clutter seems to contain at least a couple NAN cards.

As problems go, this is a pretty good one.  

Still, I almost miss the days when they all fit into that one little recipe box!
In order to diminish the overflow, I've done something I've been meaning to do for years.  I've officially begun participating in NAMHSA's Merit Awards Program.

Because money is tight, I couldn't afford to submit cards for all my eligible models.  Instead, I decided to concentrate on three of my oldest and most consistent campaigners.  These are the models around which I built my resin show string.  They may not be my biggest super stars, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.

First up is UVM Right Royal.
Royal is a Sarah Rose UVM Yesteryear resin painted by Wendy Galbreath with added details (eyes mostly) by Jennifer Kroll.  He has earned Register of Merit and Super Event Horse awards in the Artist Resin Morgan class.  I have owned him since 2006.
 My next dual award winner (also Register of Merit and Super Event Horse) is New York Doll.
New York Doll is a Kathi Bogucki Strawberry Jam resin painted by Susan Rudniki Hurst.  I got this model via a tack trade way back in 2005.  I was so enchanted with her...
that I promptly asked Susan to paint me another chestnut.  Love N Stuff was the happy result.
Painted as a portrait of one of my favorite childhood mounts, Love N Stuff is a Carol Williams Matriarch resin.   
Well, that was fun but I suppose I ought to get back to cleaning.  You know that Purdy woman expects to be able to eat off the floors when she gets here!


  1. Great Job!
    Your models are beautiful!


  2. Yah, yah... I don't believe Tiffany expects floors you can eat off of. For one thing, Darcy would be helping Tif EAT her food :D

    You do know, there is the $10 for 10 awards with no certs/plaque option... It's a very reasonable option for those of us who would rather NOT have to file another piece of paper as we are sending in the NAN cards to get *rid* of paper :D

  3. Ha! You know me too well. If my house is presentable that will be an accomplishment. I think every one knows it won't be perfectly spic and span!

    I did the $1 awards for the Register of Merit because that is a reasonable price point. However, I did feel that all three of these models deserved a certificate for their Superior Event Horse awards. Twelve NAN cards in one class is an accomplishment!