Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colorado Kick-off resins, sport breeds

This big Thoroughbred class kicked off the Sport Division at the last Saturday's Colorado Kick-off Show.
We have a fairly small pool of resin showers here in Colorado, so the vast majority of the models in any given class are at least somewhat familiar to me.  However, I don't remember having seen this pretty Bogucki Chances Are resin before.
Another Bogucki--this one's a Showman.
Here are the Braymere Thoroughbreds with their ribbons.   
Onto Warmbloods!  
This big guy is the Alchemist.  He is an Eberl Lancelot painted by Steph Michaud and owned by Teresa Buzzell.   
There was an Carriage Breed class, but I did not take any pictures...  Maybe there weren't any entries?  I'm not sure, but I do know that there were so many horses in the Other/Mixed Sport class that it was split into two sections--Other/Mixed Sport and Akhal Teke/Nez Perce.   My Kilbourne Hazel resin showed in the former and won first place under the breed judge.
Speaking of judges, here they are playing with inspecting the entries in the Akhal Teke/Nez Perce class.  That's Yashka Hallein (workmanship) on the left and Regan O'Keefe (breed) on the right. 
I had three horses in this class.  This one is Frank, a Sarah Rose Khan resin customized and painted by D'arry Jone Frank.
As the champions were announced, it was clear that this division belonged to Val McEntee.  
Her horses won both of the workmanship titles...
as well as the breed championship.
In fact, the only non-McEntee horse to win a certificate was my Valor resin, Validator.  This pretty boy was sculpted and painted by Carol Williams.
Whew!  Am I the only one who's getting weary of live show reports?  Fortunately, we're almost done.  Just a few small divisions and Overall Championships left to go!


  1. Love your reports. Don't stop! I may not post much, but I read them all!

    You have some absolutely lovely models!

  2. No, I'm not sick of the show reports--and I was there (as proven by your pictures.)

    The McEntee Trakehner was gorgeous!

  3. That Showman is Woodstock, previous NAN Champ and it's Teresa Fedak's. He's a fave of mine too :) (Painted by Tom)

    I think Alchemist needs a bath... bad me!

  4. Nope, not at all tired of the reports! Keep 'em coming!

  5. Ok, you've convinced me! I guess I'd better get to work on the draft horse entry!

  6. I love your reports! No weariness here.

  7. no no! More eye candy! GIMMIE!

  8. So many beautiful horses! And I love the look of your Hazel, the color is beautiful :)