Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rat Poison

Tiffany has a horse named Rat Poison.
If you are a fan of ribald humor, you should definitely ask Tiff to tell you the story behind the name.  Since this is a family friendly blog, I am not going to go into it, but trust me--it's a doozy!


Rat Poison accompanied Tiffany on her trip to Colorado and ended up winning top honors in the Custom Halter division.  Her awards included a certificate, a wreath of flowers made by Chris Allen and a Sheila Bishop Charity resin.
Because I think I'm really funny, I added a rat hat into the mix. 
After the show, we partook of a few adult beverages and decided that it was time for Rat Poison to meet the Saddle Rats.   The rats were understandably nervous.  Brave little Holly was the first to go check out the threat.
She was also the first to notice that Rat Poison was wearing a rat hat. 
By this time, Rat Poison had grown attached to the rat hat.   Fearing the rats would try to repossess it, she bared her teeth, swished her tail and sent them packing!
 Rats are sneaky though.  On their next assault, Nutmeg ran interference...
while Holly went for the roses! 
 Silly horse.  Roses...
and rat hats...
belong on rats!
Take that, Rat Poison! 
Now if I could just get them to take possession of that Charity resin...


  1. Sooooo Funny!
    That is truly the strangest name I've ever heard of for a model horse!


  2. Crazy-hilarious! Congrats on your wins too ;).

  3. LOVE today's blog! I'm glad that Rat Poison received a well-deserved win, and the ratties make today's post perfect for ME! : )

  4. Um, how much did you two have to drink?

  5. Love the pictures, and I had to have a couple of beverages to wash down the oven door pizza....giggle

  6. I don't know what you people are talking about. We were perfectly sober and there was nothing wrong with that pizza!


  7. Bwhah hahaha... you two definitely had a good time. :-) Knowing rodents as I do, I'm astonished Tiffany even let your posse get near that juicy and tender-looking plastic horsie. Do I actually see someone sampling Rat Poison's hock in one of the pictures? Hope repair was not needed, RP doesn't look like a mare who would take kindly to a hock wrap!

  8. I gotta know more about the pizza...

  9. Well, you did say after all that the floor had to be clean enough for her to eat off of. Guess that was a good thing, eh? I hear "Oven Door Pizza" is the new rage in Colorado...