Wednesday, April 25, 2012

High Plains Live Western Performance

It's fair to say that I was feeling a little discouraged by the time the Western Performance division rolled around.  Tiffany accused me of whining, and perhaps I was.  After all, it's hard not to whine when you're watching your Brio Sambra dreams go down the drain!

Still, I wasn't going to give up without a fight.  I stripped the dressage tack off Emma and prepared her for the Western Games class.
By Colorado standards, this class was huge.  It was also tough.
Emma's pole bending entry was good enough for fourth.  
Sandy's ambitious Camp Race set-up placed third.
The top two ribbons went to models shown by Teresa Buzzell.  Teresa has mad proxy showing skillz and was showing models for several different people.  This model actually belongs to Darla Curtis and the tack is owned by Sheila Bishop.  
The winner was Teresa's own Some Kinda Flirt.  Flirt is a Kristina Lucas Francis Phoenix resin painted by Kirsten Wellman. 
I skipped the next three classes.  These were the cattle classes--Roping, Cutting and Other Stock/Ranch Work.  Probably this was just another example of my "whininess", but honestly, I didn't see the point. 
I did get my act together to show in Reining.  There were three entries on the table and mine placed first.  This was kind of weird to me.  If I had been judging, Emma would have been third.
The unexpected--and undeserved--win boosted my spirits. 
(Well, that and the fact that Validator was busy winning the Brio Sambra on the Resin table...)
The Western Trail class was next, and like the Games class it was big and deep.  
Photo by Nancy Dement
This photo shows both Sandy's Lonesome Dove and Fabian Rodgriguez's Zippo.  
Photo by Nancy Dement
Emma's revamped ground pole entry placed fourth.
Some Kinda Flirt was second.
The blue went to Karen Gerhardt's one of a kind Cleveland Bay.
Western Pleasure was next.
Honestly, I can't remember how Emma did, but I think Karen's big gray won the blue.
Photo by Nancy Dement
Lonesome Dove won the Western Performance Division Championship with Teresa/Darla's Charity in Reserve.
Photo by Nancy Dement
At this point the horses (and mules) that had won a certificate in any of the three performance divisions were invited back for the Overall Championship.  There wasn't much drama in the judge's decision.  With two reserve championships to her credit, Emma was awarded the lovely silver Chevy medallion.
Lonesome Dove owned by Sandy Lyles was the clear and undisputed winner. 
Congratulations, Sandy!  That was a masterful performance, but consider yourself warned--I'm coming for you next time!


  1. Thank you for dragging yourself away from Validator and the Brio Sombra to take the picture of my horse in his WP tack! I really do appreciate it.

  2. I have pictures of Siren and her ribbon, too. I will send that to you privately as I didn't take many mini photos and the few I managed probably won't find their way to the blog.

    P.S. I'm still having trouble dragging myself away from the Brio Sambras! Probably I should send them to Tiffany, but they look so nice here in my studio!


  3. Just had to say a huge "THANK YOU" Jennifer! I really love and appreciate your show reports :)

  4. Actually, Darla's Charity won the Res Overall Resin horse while wearing clothes for pleasure... Darla was more into the performance than the halter so the halter win(s) were just icing on the cake.

    Some Kinda Flirt was Res Champ Western horse. I think she was 4th in pleasure...

  5. This is why I asked you to proof read my results! I knew I was going to get something wrong. Too busy swooning over Validator and his Brio Sambra, I guess...

  6. I love Love Love all of the pics . So glad you had a great time and got your Brio Sombra ! Your blog and photos are how I get through my artist blocked days !

  7. Love seeing all these pix and congrats on Emma doing well and Val's new resin buddy!

    I have a question: what game was Some Kinda Flirt participating in, and what was she doing in the Trail class? In both photos it looks like plain WP so I'm confused... She IS a gorgeous girl, though, and lucky Teresa having her!

  8. You might have to enlarge the pictures for a better look. I know it's a bit hard to see, but focus on the doll's hands. The Games class is Egg and Spoon. The Trail set up features a carry obstacle (specifically a plastic bag).

    Hope this helps!