Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost wordless Wednesday

Random pictures from the Sixth Annual Mtn View Schooling/Fun Show held on September 20 in Wellington, Colorado.

Leadline saddle with built in hand hold and peacock safety stirrups. A beginner rider using a neck strap to hold on to.
A different type of safety stirrup.
Loosely braided Arab tail--don't braid your show hunters like this!
Katie's horse show headwear.
A Gypsy Cob cross gelding named Frodo.
Simply the cutest spotty pony ever.
This is the color I want for my Starfire resin. Any takers? I took at least fifty pictures of this pony from every conceivable angle. Whoever paints him will be swimming in reference photos.
That's it. Look for a real post tomorrow!


  1. Starfire would look really good in that color!

    Beware of the safety stirrups with the elastics. A young girl at my barn dismounted and got caught by the little metal hook that keeps the rubber band in place, and she got a very awful cut in her private area that had to had stitches in the emergency room. Also not the first person that has happened too - I like the swooped metal stirrups much better.

  2. Oh, that sounds painful! I've never heard of that happening with the peacock irons, but I can totally picture it after reading your description. The tack shop I worked at sold tons of them--mostly to kids on ponies. I don't really like them for adults. Big people weigh more and need stirrups that are supported on both sides of the footpad. I think the swooped back design makes more sense plus it looks kind of cool, too!