Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures from a UK Draft Show

Today's post is courtesy of Lauren Islip--remember I am always happy to feature guest blogger posts here. If you have pictures or information you'd like to share, please let me know!

Here is Lauren's show report: The show was held on farmland in the Hope Valley in Derbyshire, and is a full agricultural show with all livestock classes, sheepdog trials, gundog trials along with all the horse and pony classes and affiliated showjumping.
These pictures are from the trade class which had three entries, one of which was a pairs turnout. The pair was very impressive and had a lovely set of black harness lined with russet leather. I would have loved to get really close to these two to really examine them.
The other two entries were single horses both acting up a little. The light bay came in almost at canter, he just didn't want to trot!
The dark bay sabino had something going on with his harness.
He wasn't happy anyway and I thought he was going to kick his dray to pieces.
Most of the way around he needed leading, but there's not much you can do when they decide they don't want to move!
Unfortunately we had to leave before the end of the class so I didn't see who won, but I would have put my money on it being the pair. They had the most presence and the best behaviour!
I'm not familiar with North American style turnouts apart from what I have seen on this blog. One of the big differences I notice is tail docking. It is illegal here so instead the tails are trimmed to just below the tail bone, and then most of the tail bone is shaved, with the top layer of hair being left and either braided up or left loose with just a ribbon. Most of the horses at the show displayed the latter. Since so many draft resins are sculpted in North America and have docked tails, we don't really adhere to closely to the law in our model horse shows, as too many would end up being disqualified!

It's Jennifer again. Hope everyone enjoyed these photos as much as I did. Many thanks to Lauren for sending them along!

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