Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My accidental collection

A couple weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to receive a box containing this fellow. He's a Romeo medallion sculpted by Kelly Savage and finished by Barb Ness as a thank you gift to all the 2009 NAN auction donors. I kept him on my work desk for a while, but since I'm actually trying to work there today, I decided it was time to put him away. It was at this point that I realized that I seem to be cultivating a new collection. I never had any plans to collect hobby medallions. It's one of those things that just sort of snuck up on me. Looking back, I think it started two years ago at the Wild Wild West Live Show in Colorado Springs. That was a particularly good show for me and I somehow managed to win both the Overall Grand and Reserve Performance Championships. In addition to the big rosettes, I also won two painted medallions.
Both of these are sculpted by Kristin Berkery and painted by Cathy Wallden. I especially like the blue eyed pony.
The SMB medallion on the left came next. My lovely old Lady Phase custom by Chris Jolly won that one in the vintage custom class at the Devilish Kokopelli Live Show in 2008. The Sommer Prosser medallion on the right was a freebie that came along with a subscription to the Model Horse Resource Magazine.
This last piece in my Artist Giftware collection is a decorative tile by Karen Gerhardt. This was a second that I picked from a group of giveaway items that Karen brought to a local hobbyist gathering. I think it's just lovely and can no longer remember why it was relegated to secondary status!
At six pieces this is still a small collection, but it's a collection nonetheless and one that I'm pleased to own. I've had a fun time getting these out and taking pictures of them, but now I really must get back to working on that bridle...


  1. I have tried very hard to NOT start a medallion collection and donate just about every one I have won at some point in time. I do have the KYG tile you do (but perhaps a brighter blue?) but that goes in my "hobby stuff" collection along with the Hoscar I bought. :D

  2. Oh but you don't have any of mY medallions!!! No!!! were going to have to rectify that soon! lol I have a really nice new one out called fire and its at a very reasonable price too.. lol I can even paint it for ya!
    Rebecca Turner