Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random collection picture

I have a bad habit of starting customs, getting stuck and then leaving them unfinished in my body box for years. This is one of the few models that didn't fall victim to that trend. It's been several years since her completion, and I'd like to think that I could do better job of things now. Still, she's not half bad. I think she may even have a NAN card or two...Her name is Velma. My older son Ryan went through a prolonged Scooby Doo phase, and apparently her creation coincided with one too many viewings of Creepy Capers!


  1. I just was looking through old posts and saw this one. And I wanted to say nice CM. I am not a huge Gem Twist fan, but that is a horse I wouldn't mind owning. She's very pretty. Not to mention the name made me chuckle. I certainly remember that show.

    Lindsay M.

  2. I like her ! She`s sweet. :-)
    Rosie S.