Thursday, August 6, 2009

Performance Spotlight--Obstacle Course, Part Two

Ok, dinner has been eaten, the dishes are done and I have about half an hour before I start the whole countdown to bedtime routine. That should be just enough time to get the second batch of Obstacle Course pictures uploaded!The back-up obstacle was probably the most penalty prone test in the class. The horse were supposed to pass through the "box"...
and come to a halt.
They were then asked to back up through the box, halt and proceed through the box to the next obstacle.
This pair of Belgians had a nice smooth performance.
They backed slowly and steadily and didn't incur any penalties.
This smaller, chestnut team was speedier but much less steady.
They look really good in this picture, but they became disunited a couple times and had to be stopped and restarted.
You can easily see the resistance here.
Still, all the cones are standing at the end!
The last obstacle was a bridge. This was just a simple board between a pair of poles and four more cones.
Most of the teams had no trouble with this obstacle
Unfortunately that wasn't the case for these black Percherons!
After the bridge, the teams trotted through the finish line which was another set of cones. All these obstacles would be easy to replicate in the live show arena. Unfortunately, it's a bit harder (and more expensive) to assemble the horses, harnesses and forecart. Still, I'm feeling kind of inspired so maybe one of these days...

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  1. Yeah! Go for it! What an awesome model setup! I need to go to the horsepark some, its so close to me. It looks almost like its closed down for the year though..