Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of summer update

I know the calendar says there's still another month of summer, but my kids go back to school in just seven days. That means the Buxton family summer is in its very last stages. This is mostly a good thing. The boys have recieved their teacher and class assignments and they have started talking eagerly about seeing their friends again. We'll all miss sleeping in, but other than that, we're ready. As soon as school starts, I will start working full time on my tack order backlog. I have four remaining "paid for" orders that I will be tackling immediately. These are for Kellye, Sherry, Carol and Dagmar. I will not be taking any new orders until these are done. With any luck, I should be all caught up by early to mid-Sepetember, and what better way to celebrate than by taking on a whole new group of orders! Depending on demand these will be either first come, first serve or lottery system. I will announce those openings here, so if you're interested in ordering tack from me, be sure to keep an eye out. I will also spend the fall working on some previously agreed to trade orders. These are for Jane, Anne, Tiffany, Marianna, Darla and ....? I think I'm forgetting someone. If it's you, please refresh my memory!
That's about it for today. This week might be pretty quiet. We have a lot of back to school shopping to do plus one or two last fun outings!(Today's pictures really don't have much to do with anything--they're just photos I've taken of some different horses out at the barn where I ride. The top pictures is of Allison and Callie, next is Binky, then Tyson and Binky, and finally Aire and Goldie.)

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great summer. I've really enjoyed seeing all your fantastic pictures!
    My kids start back tomorrow and I'm glad. I'm ready for the frenetic pace of summer come to an end. My teenagers have been social butterflies all summer and I'm ready for some quiet and studying!