Thursday, August 6, 2009

Performance Spotlight--Obstacle Course, Part One

Leah asked for more draft pictures, so today's post is just for her! I took these photos during the Obstacle Course class at the Arapahoe County Fair Draft Horse Show.

Obstacle Course is a timed event. Speed is important but so is control and accuracy. Time penalties are added every time a horse steps on a pole, knocks over a cone or breaks into a canter. The first obstacle was made up of two poles and four cones. The poles were set just a bit further apart than the wheels of the forecarts and each team was required to pass between them. Most of the teams walked...
but a few trotted!
There was a long straightway to the second obstacle.
All the teams trotted out quite boldly here.
The serpentine tested the driver's ability to guide his horses through a series of tight turns.
Some teams made this look very easy.
Others, not so much.
The single pole was another yet another precision obstacle.
Each horse was required to stay on his side of the pole.
Another--and better--view of the single pole.
I will show pictures of the two remaining obstacles (back up box and bridge) in my next post.


  1. Thanks! I especially love that last single pole picture. What a great (and simple!) live show event!

  2. What a great event! I always learn something new here :-)