Friday, August 28, 2009


MEPSA allows judges three weeks to finish a photo show, but for some reason I was positive I could wrap mine up in a third of that time...

Well, it wasn't long before I realized how ridiculously optimistic that belief was. Monday marked the one week point and I was still knee deep in judging classes and typing results. Tuesday was more of the same. Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to sorting, packing and mailing pictures. I mailed the last envelope yesterday afternoon, and today--finally--I got back to tackmaking.This is what I made!
It's a classic scale saddle for the very patient Sherry Ball. She's planning to use it on her classic sized Breyer Thoroughbreds,but it sure looks nice on my little Firefly pony. I still have a bridle and girth to finish, but with any luck this will be on its way to Sherry bright and early Monday morning.

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