Monday, August 3, 2009

Dressage is for all breeds

That Cleveland Bay (which turned out to be a half Cleveland Bay--see comments section of the previous post for details) wasn't the only interesting horse showing in the Training Level, Test Four Amateur Rider class at the Dressage in the Rockies show last Sunday. In fact, the class reminded me of a model horse show in that there were so many different breeds represented!

Here are are a few pictures of some of the other competitors, starting with this lovely grey Connemara.Always the pony lover, this is the one I most wanted to take home!
There was also a Friesian in the class.
Close up of his cute face.
This big grey horse was a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross.
He was huge!Unfortunately I got distracted and missed the announcement regarding this pinto mare's parentage.
Despite the spots, she has a very Throroughbred look to her.This quiet little chestnut is a Quarter Horse.
He turned in a nice solid performance.
The next horse is unmistakeably Thoroughbred.
What a lovely head!You can't have a dressage show without some Warmbloods. This is a Holsteiner.
I can't remember the breeding of this chestnut, but it was a pretty common flavor of Warmblood.
This Morgan mare was competing in a different class (First Level, Test One) but I can't resist including her.
Her final halt and salute.
I still have tons of draft horse and hunter/jumper pictures. Is anyone interested in seeing those? The summer heat has finally arrived and I'm feeling too hot and sweaty to write much. Posting pictures is easy, though!