Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally--a saddle!

This has been a weird month. I've had a lot of trouble getting back into a routine after the holidays, and my tackmaking has suffered as a result. Oh, I've managed to make a few small things here and there, but until today, I hadn't finished a large order since the beginning of December.

So without further ado, here is the first saddle of 2009. This one did not come easy. I had to do the seat section twice. It's very discouraging to have to redo several hours worth of work, but I'm glad I did. This looks so much better than the earlier attempt.
One of the symptoms of crazy, obsessed tackmaker disease is wanting the saddle's underside to look just as good as its top. I also want them to feel like real saddles.
As is often the case, these pictures helped me see a problem that I had overlooked while actually working with the saddle. That right panel is set just a little further back than the left one. Luckily, that's a pretty easy fix. I've since removed the panel and reset it. Symmetry is hard!