Thursday, January 15, 2009


I like goats. When I was a kid dreaming big dreams of all the horses I would someday own, I decided that I would also have a goat. This seemed both reasonable and logical. After all, horses and goats go together. I knew this because once or twice a year my parents would take me to the morning workouts and barn tours at Santa Anita Racetrack. There were always goats in the stable area. You'd see them tied to barns or even in the stalls with the horses. It was obvious to me that horses like goats, and of course my horses would be treated as well as the most valuable racehorse...
Santa Anita backside, 1979
All these years later, I have not yet owned either a horse or a goat. In fact, my real life goat experience is almost entirely limited to petting zoos such as the one I visited yesterday at the Stock Show. I haven't yet abandoned my dreams of horse ownership, but even I know that it is highly unlikely that I will ever have a goat. That's not such a bad thing. In truth, I know next to nothing about goats.
Of course, none of that alters this one basic fact--I still like goats!

Because of this, I was quite pleased when Breyer added a goat to their line of companion animals. At long last, I would be able to add a goat to my "stable"! Unfortunately, upon arrival, the goat himself was pretty uninspiring. The sculpture was fine but I didn't like his paintjob at all. He hung out on the shelf with the horses for awhile, but eventually he was stuck in a box and forgotten.

More time passed. Breyer released the goat in a new color and somehow I got one as part of a trade. Happily, I liked this one much better. I made him a halter (because, you know, everything needs tack) and put on the shelf with the horses. He looked kind of lonely there, and it occurred to me that perhaps he would like a girl friend...
Well, he's not lonely anymore! I found the original discarded goat and transformed it into this nanny goat. This was an all new customizing experience for me. I did not do any research on my subject. I didn't stress over nuances of goat anatomy and color. Instead, I did just enough work to make the two goats appear alike-but-different. The nanny goat is hornless and beardless. She's trotting rather than walking and she's just a little bit darker in color. Probably she's not a perfect depiction of a goat, but I'm still very pleased with my efforts. These may not be the kind of goats my nine year old self dreamed of owning someday, but they make me happy nonetheless.


  1. I love goats, too! I used to think they were really ugly, with those alligator eyes, but then I met a couple of goats and found them to be very gentle and loving, a lot like dogs. now I think they're charming and beautiful.

  2. I have four rescued goats,and the cool thing is that with most breeds and mixes of breeds,both sexes have beards and horns! Love 'em!:)