Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving on

As I've mentioned on several occasions, I'm a kitchen table tack maker. I've never had a dedicated studio space in my home. Before I can start any project large or small, I must gather my tools and supplies and carry them over to the table. When the project is finished, I do the reverse. I've become pretty efficient at moving things around, but the constant shuffling of things one room to another does take its toll. If I don't have several hours of uninterrupted time to work on tack, I don't usually bother. It takes too long to set things up and take them down. This is the main reason that I do not work on tack during the weekends. By the time I've built my little work area, someone always seems to wants to use the table for silly things like eating lunch or dinner!

It appears, however, that this particular stage of my tack making career may be coming to an end. My husband works from home two days a week, and up until yesterday his home office was located in the small, spare bedroom upstairs. Unfortunately for him, that room is right in the middle of the house, and he's found the noise and activity of daily family life to be increasingly distracting. He decided it would be better to move his work computer downstairs into our quiet and isolated basement guestroom.

This was yesterday's weekend project. When he was finished moving things, the room looked like this except without the shelves. He asked me if I would like to use the space, and I said that perhaps I could put my tack making supplies in there. Next thing I knew he was hanging shelves and making a space for me. This is what the room looks like now.
I've filled those shelves with all sorts of tack making supplies,
and stored the most frequently used tools and products on the desktop.
There is even a small herd of friendly faces stabled nearby.
Honestly, I do not think this marks the end of my kitchen table tack making days. I am very comfortable working at that table. The light is good there and I can see the tv. However, it's nice to have an alternative workplace. I like that my supplies will have a real home where they won't be all jumbled together. Weekends might be possible again and perhaps I'll even stop losing things!

Now if someone could just do something about this unseasonably warm weather... It was in the mid sixties today! Who could stay home and work with temperatures like that? Not me, I'm afraid. I spent the entire morning at the barn and tomorrow I'm off to the Stock Show. Oh, what I need is a big snowstorm to keep me at home with my nose to the grindstone. This warm, lovely winter has been wonderful in many ways, but unfortunately my tack orders have suffered. It's just hard to stay focused when it's so nice outside!


  1. Yay! You have a work table of your own! It has helped me immensely to have a work table. I agree, the weather is much too warm..not stock show weather at all!

  2. Yaaayyyy for you having your own space! You're gonna love it! Get some lamps - a magnifying light and a "true" light. You won't regret it and the two lights will help dispel shadows..

  3. I have to say that a personal tack space is the best for me. I'm one of those people who leaves all of my tools out forever and don't put it back often. My mom would kill me if I left all of my stuff on the kitchent table forever.