Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kristie's barn

There is a part of the model horse hobby that has nothing to do with live shows. I tend to forget this since most of my hobby time is spent helping performance showers pursue their NAN goals. It's very easy to get tunnel vision and think that everyone is in it at least partly for the thrill of competition.

Occasionally, though, I get a happy reminder that this is not always the case. My friend Kristie sent me this picture of a one stall barn she's built into a bookcase.Kristie asked me if I could make a stall guard for Midnight's door. She sent me this picture for reference,and this is what I came up with.
I simplified the design a bit by leaving off the buckles. I hadn't originally planned to do that, but none of the photo etched buckles in my stash fit the ribbon properly. Sometimes you just have to go with what works.

One last picture of Kristie's barn. This sign hangs above a shelf in her tack room.
I'm so glad that this part of the hobby is alive and well and I have to admit that suddenly I'm looking my own bookcases in a whole new way!


  1. The stall guard looks PERFECT! Can't wait! :) -Kristie

  2. Wow, that's really cool. Putting the stable on a bookshelf is a good idea - my stables are currently strewn across my bedroom floor!

  3. I tried making one, but it didn´t turn out even half as good as yours