Tuesday, January 6, 2009

(Almost) full speed ahead

After nearly three long weeks of inactivity, today was my much anticipated return to tack making. I got the kids off to school, came home and got out my portable workbench. Ever the optimist, I really thought I'd be able to make something big today. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Right from the start I was plagued with delays.

Here is a picture of my work area as it appeared at 9 am this morning. It looks neat and organized--perhaps a bit too neat and organized... I sat down to work and right off the bat I couldn't find my needle nose pliers. Then I couldn't find my awl or the wire cutters. After that it was my supply of cast stirrups. Even worse, the bag where I store my dyed leather pieces had gone AWOL. The whole morning devolved into a one person game of hide and seek. By lunch time it was obvious today would not be a good day to start a saddle.

So I made a bridle instead!
It felt really good to be working on something even if it wasn't the something I'd originally planned to make.

Here is the "after" picture of my work space. It's definitely not as neat as before, but that's ok. I like the lived in look! Tomorrow should go a lot smoother. All the tools have been rounded up, and I've ordered enough stirrups to keep me going for at least a month or two. I've not yet recovered the leather pieces, but I'm certain they'll surface soon. I have a couple bridles and breastplates to finish before I start the next saddle, so I do have some time...

Winter is usually a productive time of year for me, so I expect I'll be filling a lot of orders in the next couple months. If you've talked to me about ordering tack and have not heard from me in the last week or two, please do get in touch. I'm planning my work schedule and I don't want to leave anyone out accidentally!

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