Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting the year out right

"Don't like the weather? Just wait a few minutes."

I've heard people from all different parts of the country use that line to describe their weather, but nowhere is it more true than Colorado. Temperatures here can vary hugely from day to day as well as from daytime to nighttime. Case in point--today is a typical cold January day with gray skies and snow in the forecast. I'm bundled up in warm clothes and drinking a hot cup of chai tea and am perfectly happy to stay home all day.

Yesterday, however, was a whole 'nother story. The sun was out, temperatures were in the sixties and the chilly Colorado winds were just barely blowing. Perfect days like that are rare this time of year and I had no intention of letting one go to waste. I put my kids in the car and drove to my friend Carol's house where I exchanged my two boys for her 15 year old daughter. Our next stop was the barn.

I spent most of my teenage years riding bareback and because being around horses brings out the kid in me, that is still my favorite way to ride. I do not think Punky minds. Here is a picture of us outside the ring after our ride. I know I should be wearing a helmet and finding one that fits is on my to-do list for 2009. I have the worst time with helmets as apparently I have a very weird shaped head. Troxels do not work and that seems to be the one brand that all our local stores carry. The only helmet I've ever had that fit at all was a Lexington V425 Long Oval--you know, the kind that came in a box covered with warnings that "this helmet is an item of apparel only"... Not sure how much good that one would be in an accident, and luckily, I haven't had to find out the hard way.
Cara and Punky. Punky is so cute in his winter woollies. Cara's pretty cute, too. Cara and Allison. Allison is a retired show horse and broodmare. Cara just started riding her recently, and yesterday was the first time they really started to click. She's not a particularly difficult ride, but she is sensitive and eager to go which makes her quite different than the horses Cara is used to riding. I am looking forward to watching their partnership develop this year.In this picture Allison is looking for the cookies she knows Cara has hidden in her pockets. I think Allison has a lovely, non extreme Arab head. She also has my very favorite combination of facial markings--a star and a big snip.
One last picture of Punky and me. The smile is real. All riding days are good but some are better than others, and yesterday's was one of the best. Hopefully 2009 will be filled with lots more warm, sunny, happy, horsey days.

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  1. You guys are all awfully cute together! Marianne says you can come ride Twist too if we can find time to go out there with her and you don't mind the distance :-)