Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Horses and cattle and pigs, oh my!

I was feeling young at heart yesterday, but having spent a day at the National Western Stock Show with my son's third grade class, I now feel tired and old. Just in case you don't know this, eight year olds have a lot of energy and they think everything is funny--horse poop, snotty cow noses, cowboy hats, creepy rodeo clowns... Any one of these things is likely to bring on a serious case of the giggles. I did my best to answer serious questions seriously, but it became apparent pretty quickly that this field trip was more about having fun than learning things.
And we did have fun. Petting this very patient Clydesdale was fun.
Petting zoos are fun, too.Surprisingly, horse trailers are really, really fun. My group would have stayed in the trailer area all day. Unfortunately, I got the feeling that we were making the trailer vendors nervous so we had to keep moving.Neither of the girls in my group had ever ridden a horse. Today, at least, they got to sit on some saddles.Ryan shows off his horse knowledge. More equine education. My group was required to at least feign interest.We had been encouraged to eat lunch in the livestock arena. However, I did not have much trouble persuading my group that it would be a lot more fun to eat in the Events Center. There was a Paint Horse show going on in there today. We watched a couple large Western Pleasure classes.
The kids wanted to know why the horses were going so slow, and I admit that I always wonder the same thing. Most of the horses looked comfortable and natural at the jog, but the loping part of the class was painful to watch. I could think of no good explanation as to why they were moving that way. I don't get it myself.
I am planning a return trip to the Stock Show some time next week. Although I enjoyed my chaperone duties today, I'm leaving the kids at home for that one!


  1. I look so forward to your blog posts Jennifer! The kids at the Stock Show really brought back memories, both of myself and of my kids enjoying the show in past years. We never bothered with the midway then - it was horses and more horses, and stomping around in the rare Texas snow in our roper boots. Good times.

  2. I love the pictures of the stock show. You have given me lots of ideas for my son's field trip to the stock show tomorrow.


  3. You guys look like you had a great time, I'm jealous for sure! We don't get too many big events up this way, lol!

    On another note, I agree totally with the loping comments, I watched a video the other day and was shocked at how painful and unnatural it looked. :0(