Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween with Horses-Horse Costumes

Today I took my kids and my 15 year old riding buddy, Cara, to the 9th Annual Halloween with Horses festival at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a really nice time. I took a TON of pictures, many of which will be posted here over the next week or so.

One of the event highlights was the costume competition. First prize is $1,000 so you know that people go all out dressing their horses and themselves for this.

This is a picture of my younger son James watching the first group of costume horses...
...And this cute mini foal dressed as a bug was his favorite.I loved this pair. Note that the ridden horse has two headsThe knight and dragon horses were some kind of pasos. It was neat seeing them gait around the ring. The dragon horse did not appear to be enjoying himself much, though! I think this horse was supposed to be a parade float.
Indian with travois. This horse was dressed as a dog house.A group of '50's girls with poodle skirts and pom-poms.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone. The name of this entry was "A pleasantly plump ballerina". I like the horse's footwear. Denver Broncos--it's hard to tell from this picture but the foal is dressed as a football.How's that for some creative ideas for your next Live Show costume class entry?


  1. (I'm starting at the beginning, so look for more "random comments" now :-)

    I have to ask, what the HECK is that first rig with the horse with two heads supposed to BE?? I do not get it. Very creative costumes, though!

  2. You know... I have no idea. I'm sure the announcer explained it at the time, but I have absolutely no recollection of it now. I don't get it either!

    (and I really love random comments on old posts. It makes me happy that someone is interested enough to go back and read all the old stuff!)

  3. The 2 headed horse was just that a 2 headed horse. there were 4 horses in the entry which was Dark Horses of Myth. we had 2 black unicorns with Crystal horns, a dark Pegasus and a 2 headed horse....that was falling apart when the picture was taken. :) both of them are Peruvian horses - Altivo Imprevisto and Carbon Dale
    Thanks! you were the only one that got any pictures of us!!!

    The knight and Dragon were Peruvian horses as well.

  4. How did they make the helmet on the horses dressed up ike a football player? For halloween this year I am going trick-or-treating on my horse and I wanted to know how you made the costume???

  5. Sorry, Anon. I didn't make any of these costumes so I can't answer your questions. Trick or treating with a horse sounds really fun, though!