Friday, October 17, 2008

Big and little harnesses

I'm thinking about harnesses today. The next thing on my workbench is a marathon harness. I've spent the last hour googling combined driving images, trying to work out design particulars. The resin the harness is intended for has a long, heavy mane and that influences the choices I'll be making regarding the breastcollar section. Real tack makers don't have to take such things into consideration!
Here are pictures of the smallest and largest harnesses I've made to date. The top one was made to fit Karen Gerhardt's Briony resin which is a classic sized pony. If you've seen one in person, you know she's very petite. Her tail is attached to her haunches, so her harness has a faux crupper (that's the part that goes under the tail) and split breeching. Harnesses often require creative solutions like this to achieve the proper fit. Thanks to Karen for the picture!
This big horse is also a Karen Gerhardt sculpture, but he's not a resin. Instead, he's an OF Breyer. I am so pleased that Breyer has introduced the work of some of the best hobby artists into their plastic line-up. Don't get me wrong--I have great fondness for some of the old Chris Hess molds I grew up with, but I really do prefer a more realistic style of sculpture. Thanks to Vicky Norris for this picture.

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