Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brag Brag Brag

I am really, really bad about taking pictures of my tack before I send it off to its new owner. Because of this I really appreciate people who send me pictures of it on their horses. It's even better when those pictures include a NAN card or NAN trophy! Here are a few pictures I've received recently.

These two brindle horses are owned by Morgan Haberman. They are shown at the 2008 edition of the Buccaneer live show in Nebraska. Carra McClelland took the pictures. I can't take credit for Hypnotoad's nifty number cloth. I'm reasonably certain that Aimee Kelly of Matriarch Creations gets the kudos for that! Both the race tack and the harness were made in early 2008.

These three pictures are from this year's North American Nationals (NAN) held in Lexington, Kentucky. Both horses are owned by Vicky Norris who is the kind of performance shower who knows how to make anyone's tack look great. She also makes very nice Western and parade saddles. The saddle on the paint horse was made in 2008. The other one is a bit older.

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  1. Ha! Read your blog way too much! I instantly knew that dapple grey horse was Vickey's as soon as I saw it!