Sunday, October 5, 2008

I finally finished one!

She's finally finished! This is Drambuie, a one of a kind Danzante resin. Danzante was sculpted by Karen Gerhardt to represent a playful mustang mare. This particular copy was not part of the regular resin run. Instead, she was one of the waste castings cast at home by Karen from the original clay sculpture. If you went to Karen's studio open house in 2006, this was the horse that was attached to the mailbox. She had no ears, half a tail, a million pinholes and various other issues. Still, she looked like good to me. I took her home and started rebuilding and prepping. When it comes to making things for my own collection, I'm slow and it took me about a year to get her ready for paint. I sculpted her left ear into a more upright postition than the original mold. I also changed her forelock and mane a bit. Should I ever feel the desire to tack her up, she is tack friendly.
I've painted less than ten models in my life--and the number is probably closer to five than ten. I've never painted a roan, so this was really a challenge for me. She is mostly done in pastels and colored pencil but there is also some acryllic paint in there. I tried to convey the impression of hair detail without being too obvious about it. There are some things I would like to have done better, but mostly I'm pleased with how she turned out.
I named her after a blue roan mare that was part of the dude string at the Don K Ranch when I worked there. I think that's the only blue roan horse I've ever actually handled! She will make her showing debut at the Redline Revival show in Boulder, Colorado next weekend. I'm going to show her as a Belgian/Morgan crossbred.

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