Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another raffle

Well, it's not as exciting as the big customer appreciation raffle, but I am also going to have a "Friends of my Blog" raffle on November 28th. Once again, entry is free and there are two ways to enter. You can either sign up to "Follow this Blog" using the link at the bottom of the page or you can let me know what you think of my Blog in the comments section or via email. Basically I want to reward people who have enough interest in my tack to check in on what I'm doing every now and then. I am not looking for a bunch of meaningless compliments so please don't write "Ooooh, I love it!!!!" in the comments section of every post. That will not get you extra chances in the raffle!

I'm not sure yet what the prize for this raffle will be, but I can guarantee it won't be another saddle. Most likely it will be a halter or a bridle or a gift certificate.

(The Arabian at the top of the page is Nejmet es Subh a customized PAM by Judy Rene Pope. The overo paint is Smart Design, a customized Smart Sonny Dee resin with a Smart Chic O' Lena head, all work done by me.)


  1. Hi Jenn,

    First of all- love the blog! I have signed up to it through Google feed reader so it will tell me when there are new posts :D

    I am so pleased you posted a picture of the fabulous Nejmet es Subh.... who has always been one of my favourite vintage customs... I love any opportunity to admire her :)

    And I LOVE the pink set you did, truly beautiful! Will it be for sale?

    Anyway, lovely blog and I will be checking in often :D Thanks for posting about it on blab and bringing it to my attention.

    Best wishes,

    PS. Dr Almost there (my blog post name) relates to a blog I started for a group of friends and I to help motivate each other to finish our PhD's... I can't figure out how to NOT post under that name... wish it way a little more horse-related, but oh well! :)

  2. Hi Sophie,

    So glad to hear from you! There are a couple other pictures of Nejmet in the Redline Revival show posts. She is my very favorite model and I have a tendency to use any excuse to post her picture...


  3. heehee... I just found the post with the pictures of her.... *drool* MANY congrats on her win too!!! Ohhh the pictures of some of the other customs were just lovely to see also... I recognised a few faces... especially a roan paint mare owned by Nancy McDermott (I think?)... LOVE that horse too! What a treat, thanks for directing me to the photos!

    Sophie :)

  4. HI Jenn,
    I just now found your blog from a link on blab how have I missed it before now?! I am going thruand reading all the posts! wow I love your work! oh.. one note.. I see you have a link to my blog here.. thanks by the way! it doesn't work though.. I was having a problem awhile back with the subscriber so can you re-link it to the correct place.. its thanks! ? I'll put a link for you on mine too!
    I just hope someday I can afford some tack from you! I was jsut sittign ehr showing your work ot my aunt.. she is impressed! IM trying to ger her into the waahhaah (evil laugh)
    Oh! ..I Loved the bull fight training setup! that was cool! I really admre anyone who can do that kind of prop making! I know its not easy... so Im putting you in my regular blogs to read every week or day from now on!
    Oh and please enter me in any raffles too!!!!

    Rebecca Turner
    Soltice Art Studio

  5. What a generous way to celebrate your customers. Fingers crossed that this raffle gives me a chance to get some more of your lovely work. :)

    BTW, I really like the reality check postings to bust myths. Keep up the good work and awesome photos!

    Danielle Feldman

  6. I love breyers ,I am also very new to this site . my sister megan mankevich introduced me to this and so far just looking at the photos you are an amazing artist Jennifer ! ~maddie mankevich

  7. amazing
    ~maddie mankevich