Sunday, October 12, 2008

Redline Revival Resin and Custom Show

I had the great pleasure of attending the Redline Revival Resin and Custom live show in Boulder, Colorado yesterday. I hadn't been to a live show since May and got a little overenthusiastic with my packing. Somehow I ended up bringing more than forty horses! I couldn't even fit them all on my I had to borrow part of Christine Patterson's table for my overflow!
Heather Malone judged the custom division and it was really a case of feast or famine. Several classes had just one or two entries. Other classes looked like this:
Here is a picture of the Champion Callback table. The palomino pony, bay trotting Dole, gray Arabian and chestnut Walera filly all belong to me. The Arabian--a customized PAM by Judy Rene Pope--ended up being champion. Reserve went to a very nice dapple grey Salinero.
The resin division started with sport horses. Here is a picture of Wonderscope, my Jennifer Kroll Svelte resin painted by me. He didn't place, but he still looked pretty!
This is one of several Eberl Scampolos that were in the sport foal class. I'm not sure who this cute baby belongs to.
A very nice customized Valor. Again, I don't know who owned this one.
Teresa Buzzell's gorgeous Eberl Lancelot painted by Stephanie Michaud. This guy won the Warmblood class.
Jennifer Irwin's Hazel who is "done but not all done". I'm pretty sure she was done enough to win her class. I just love this resin!
Another amazing horse painted by Jennifer Irwin. This is the Carol Williams Venator resin. I fell absolutely in love with this one. He is such an amazing combination of sculpture and paintwork!
Just part of the Thoroughbred class. The grey Kittydidit is mine as is the chestnut Valor.
Jennifer's Venator and my Valor (painted by Carol Williams herself) were one two in the Thoroughbred class and also Sport Champion and Reserve.
My brand new (he arrived the day before the show) Aashiq by Tiffany Purdy competing in the Arab class. He came in 4th but that was just fine by me since my other two Arabs were first and second. Isn't he lovely?
This is part of the Light Breed callback table. The four big horses belong to me. The roan Mindy in the front was either Champ or Reserve.
Valerie McEntee's absolutely amazing Lone Star painted by Sommer Prosser.
Teresa Fedak's War Chant.
Claire Williams' Cisco. This Eberl resin has a really good body type for an Appaloosa.
I am really bad about remembering the names of other people's horses, but some names are hard to forget. This Appaloosa Sencillo is named Tortilla. He is truly a Colorado horse as he was sculpted by Jennifer Irwin, painted by Sheila Anderson and owned by Teresa Fedak. I always love Sheila's Appaloosas, but this one is extra special even for her. He has so many nice, subtle details that my camera didn't pick up.
Lynn Fraley drafter resin, owned by Nancy Dement (I think!).
My Drambuie won a NAN card in the Mixed Draft class.
Brigitte Eberl Mulinette resin painted by Claire Williams.
Claire Williams' Rose. This is a really nice resin. I don't know how Brigitte can sculpt so many horses so quickly and have them all turn out so well.
Another nice Eberl! I think Teresa Fedak is the owner.

Claire Williams' Otto.
This Fabrizio resin is another example of Sheila Anderson's finishwork. In addition to great Appaloosas, she paints very correct and detailed roans.
Claire's Aiden.
Two views of the Champion Callback table. I do not know how Heather picked a winner. There were five or six of them that were simply spectacular. If I recall correctly, the Grand Champion was Valerie's Lone Star and reserve was Sheila's Fabrizio.

Thanks so much to Heather Roell for hosting this show and judging the Resin Division and to Heather Malone for judging the Customs. It was so nice to get out and spend a day with so many really nice people and models.


  1. Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them, they're all so lovely! : )

  2. Rose is really pretty and Fabrizio is super cute :)