Monday, October 6, 2008

More customer pictures

I absolutely love these pictures. Thanks go out to Elise Lenske of Australia for sending them to me. This is a set of jumper tack I made this past spring. The lovely model is Red October, a Sommer Prosser Extreme Justice II resin painted by Tom Bainbridge. He is owned and photographed by Elise who also made the extremely cool jump! This is the same saddle, but now it's paired with a plain snaffle bridle and breastplate for a classic hunter turn out. This is another one of Elise's horses. His name is Kosciusko and he is an Eberl Valentino resin also painted by Tom. Elise tells me that both horses have done very well showing in this tack!

I haven't worked out all the details yet, but I am going to have a customer appreciation drawing at the end of the year and somebody's going to win a free saddle. If you have tack by me, I'd love a picture of it! Every picture I use in this blog will give you an additional chance in the drawing so please do send them my way!

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