Monday, October 27, 2008

Dressage horses

Both these lovely dressage horses are customized Breyer Salinero models. The top horse was transformed into a piaffing Iberian stallion by Tiffany Purdy. He is wearing the tack I made for the 2008 NAN Auction. The doll was dressed by my talented friend Jane Schneider, who also made the saddle pad. The second horse was painted by Tom Bainbridge and is owned by Kellye Bussey.
Salinero was sculpted by the amazing German artist, Brigitte Eberl. In additional to a ton of really nice resins, she is also the sculpter behind Alborozo and the recent Connoisseur model, Giselle. I am a huge fan of Brigitte and hope that Breyer will continue to use her work in their lineup.

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