Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is how it all started

The year was 1981 and I was twelve. I had recently become a subscriber to Just About Horses, which was a small format, quarterly magazine published by Breyer Animal Creations. The first couple issues introduced me to the world of remaking and rehairing. The third issue I received had this article. I was absolutely enchanted by the pictures. My models had tack--rope halters and bridles and a few rubbery saddles that had come with my sister's Marx horses. This, however, was an entirely different thing. I'd never known model horse tack could look so real. I found a scrap of leather, cut it into strips and made this bridle. I was not completely satisfied with it, but it seemed like a big accomplishment nonetheless. It did not seem like a toy.This Family Arabian Mare was my very favorite childhood horse. Her name is Zucchini. The barn was made by my father and the bareback pad by my best friend's mother. The truly scary thing is that I still own everything in this picture--and the magazine, too!


  1. I had a FAM just like that! And mine was my favorite too :-)

  2. You know, when I look at some of my old OF's, I can't remember what I ever saw in them. I look at Zucchini, though, and I still think she's pretty :)