Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekend Showcase: Max and Juno

There are a lot of amazing dolls painting in NaMoPaiMo's sister event, Minis Painting Minis, but none is more accomplished than Christine Sutcliffe's Max. 
This is Max's third NaMoPaiMo , and the first for her girlfriend, Juno. Here are a few pictures from their weekend painting party. Thank you, Christine, for allowing me to share these here. You are the Queen of Team Minis Painting Minis!


  1. Totally blown away!!! Forget a jeweller's loupe - she must do some of the work with an electron microscope!

  2. Everything about these is done to perfection. Even down to the most subtle tilt of a head or holding of a model. I'd you couldn't see the joints of the dolls you'd swear these were real people. A world class effort Christine!! :^O

  3. That it the tiniest model horse ever!