Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tutorial Tuesday - Painting eyes

Some people--not me--have already reached the detailing stage with their NaMoPaiMo models. In this tutorial, Canadian artist, Isaac Brushett, explains his method for painting brown eyes. Thanks, Isaac!

Eye Painting Tutorial 

by Isaac Brushett

Hello everyone! In the spirit on NaMoPaiMo, I decided to make a short eye painting tutorial. I don't have horses ready for eyes yet, so I used a body from the shelf.

The first step is to find a good reference picture.
Cisco's eye, not Isaac's actual reference picture
All eyes differ, so adjust your paint colour to your reference. Here's what I used to create the eye for this tutorial.
  • Jo Sonja Norwegian orange 
  • Jo Sonja Skin tone base (unbleached titanium is fine)
  • Jo Sonja burnt umber
  • Jo Sonja Raw umber 
  • Jo Sonja Mars black
  • Jo Sonja Raw sienna 
  • Any metallic blue
  • Golden high flow white 
  • Liquitex gloss and varnish 
  • Americana metallic expresso
  • Grey
And here's how I did it:
Step 1: Paint eye white/skin tone base.

Step 2: Take mix from layer 1 and mix it with the Norwegian orange for the tear duct. Blend where needed.
Step 3: Do a thin wash of Raw umber all over the full eye.
Step 4: Paint black every where, but leave desired eye white where needed.
Step 5: Paint a medium grey for the sclera, leaving a super thin line of black showing.
Step 6: Paint the black again over the sclera, leaving a super thin line of grey showing.
Step 7: Paint the iris in four thin coats of burnt umber so that it's faded on the edge.
Step 8: Mix Norwegian orange/gold/raw sienna as a wash over the front an bottom of the eye. Do a couple coats, adjust colours as needed.
Step 9: Mix black and metallic expresso for the top and back of the eye, again, a couple washes of this.
Step 10: (optional) Cut down a brush to be super thin, and take watered down gold, and make small lines in the centre of the eye.
Step 11: Paint your pupil black.
Step 12: use your metallic blue and do a thin wash of it at the bottom of the pupil. 
Step 13: Gloss! And watch it come to life!
Breyer Weather Girl by Isaac Brushett
Thank you, Isaac! I know this will be extremely helpful when (if?) I reach the eyeball painting stage.

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  1. This was really helpful because I'm horrible at painting eyes!