Sunday, December 6, 2020

Model horse clubhouse

I dreamed there was a model horse clubhouse.

The clubhouse was a pair of connected rooms in a commercial office building that the Colorado hobby group rented for socializing and projects. One room had several long tables arranged in a semi circle. That was our meeting room. The other was filled with dioramas, indoor arena backdrops, barns and tripods. Everyone was welcome to bring their horses to take performance pictures in there.

In the dream, Regan and I were cleaning the meeting room. There were paper plates with crumbs on them on the tables and next to - but not in - the trashcan, and packing peanuts were everywhere. We were both pretty salty about this, and most of the dream was the two of us airing our grievances.

When I woke up, I was still mad, but not about the crumbs. I was mad that the model horse clubhouse didn't exist, and I was mad - and sad - that I haven't seen any of my hobby friends in months. Normally, we'd be getting together for our annual holiday meal and gift exchange. Of course, this year that's not happening.

To help fill the void - at least a little - last night Fabian hosted a Colorado hobbyists zoom party.
Attendees included Heather,
and honorary Coloradans, Anna,
and Carra.
We spent a couple hours talking about models and life and showing off our congas...
and new additions.
Oh, I can't wait to see this one in person!
We also talked a lot about cats. In fact, the conversation was as much about cats as it was about model horses. 
I'm not complaining. It was really nice to see everyone's faces and hear their voices. I'm still looking forward to attending a meeting in the model horse clubhouse, but for now, this was a whole lot better than nothing.


  1. I love the idea of an honorary Coloradan. Says she who was born and raised in Colorado.

  2. I didn't know how much I needed this until we were doing it...