Saturday, December 19, 2020

Just another Kevin

There's a hobby joke about naming horses Kevin. Erin Corbett started it.

Kevin by Erin Corbett
Need a name? Kevin. 

Need another name? Kevin Two. 

Three names, four names, five names? Kevahn, Kevinskidoodle, Sir Kevin Prancinghooves.

Finally: You Can't Name Everything Kevin.
another Kevin by Erin Corbett
There are zero Kevins in my collection. I don't buy many models, so I never have to come up with a lot of names fast. Plus, I like naming things

So imagine my consternation when I received my stall signs and found this:
I sent Bobbie a message to let her know everything had arrived safe and sound. Then I asked, "What's up with Kevin?"

"That's a surprise from Anne Veeneman–van der Weel," she told me. "Anne says everyone needs a Kevin."

"Okay," I thought, "But all my horses have names. There are no Kevins."

A few minutes later, my eyes swept across my unpainted resin shelf and I saw this.
I don't know. He kind of looks like a Kevin.
Thank you, Anne, for the unexpected gift. I think you're right. We all need a Kevin.

P.S. My Kevin needs paint. Does anyone have a NaMoPaiMo commission slot open? Kidding/not kidding.

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