Saturday, December 19, 2020

Stall signs

In honor of Kenzie Williamson's Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge, let's about talk stall signs.

No stall...
 or paddock is complete without them.
Some signs are fancy.
Others are utilitarian.
Some include instructions. Sorry, Emma.
Materials vary. Back in the day, engraved brass was standard. Nowadays I see more painted wood...
and cut metal.
I like both, but for hobby purpose I think wood is more practical.
Well, it's barn month now. Clearly, things have changed.
These tiny signs are the perfect finishing touch for a barn that really isn't finished. Thank you, Bobbie!
If you'd like some tiny stall signs of your own, you can contact Bobbie through her blog or studio Facebook page. Her prices are very reasonable, and she's easy to work with. I can not recommend her enough!

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  1. Nothing like having my imagination stretched til it cracks. Bobbie has given me coasters, but I never thought of this.