Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Horse trading

Earlier this year, I commissioned Angelo to sculpt a new mane and tail on my old Cat Bercier Ballycor resin. A couple months later, she dropped her off Trenzetter at my house for an ear repair. It's took us a while, but both jobs are finally done. Today, Angelo came over to my house, and we exchanged ponies.

Then we got in our separate cars and drove to Heather's house, where Angelo picked up another pony.
While we were there, we met Heather's new kitten, Rusty Potato. He is so cute!
It was a short, cold visit, but still really fun.
And since I know everyone is here for the model horses, here's a better look at Angelo's Trenzetter...
and my fluffy cob.
Angelo did a great job on her. I am so pleased.
Ballycor is my NaMoPaiMo horse for 2021. Is it February yet? I can't wait to paint her!

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