Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Danielle's arena

Between the recent resurgence of photo showing and Kenzie Williamson's Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge, a lot of model horse hobbyists are building indoor arena backdrops. Here's a look at one of the most distinctive - and attractive - arenas I've seen so far. Thank you, Danielle Dunn, for sharing how you made it!

My Indoor Arena

by Danielle Dunn

I made myself an indoor arena backdrop.
My goal was weathered wood that's worn or even peeling in some spots. I used a large piece of poster board, and about 80 jumbo craft sticks.
I cut them to the length I wanted and while they didn't match up perfectly as I cut them, I figured it'd do. I made the "windows" out of mini 2x2" canvases and made a window frame ~ as you can see they just sit in there and I can take them out when I'm finished!
I used School glue to glue the frame on and I let it dry for a day or so. (next time I will be sure to have the ends held down by heavy objects so it doesn't warp like this one LOL).
Next I used masking tape to mostly tape off the poster board, and used paint I had on hand, mixed at a ratio of 1:3. I used metallic silver to paint dots for the hardware. 
I decorated my walls with signs I found on the internet and made a frame for my logo by Tara Louiselle - Robinson as a fun touch. 
Here are the windows! I plan on making a new set for each season.
I also plan to make or find hooks for the extra piece of wood, so I can use it as a bridle rack or for hanging helmets! 
For the footing, I used sand from under our sun porch/driveway and sifted it to get rid of rocks/lumps. I spread it on another large piece of poster board while in use and store it in a plastic bag between photo shoots.
So that's my arena! Any questions or even suggestions are welcome! ❤ I'm NO expert at all LOL, just another horse girl having fun with her models.


  1. I used to use cat litter, looked just like arena footing!

  2. The liability and no smoking signs are a great touch!