Friday, December 11, 2020

Stephanie's barn

The Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge is the gift that keeps on giving. Every day there are new barns to tours. This particular one comes from Stephanie Blaylock, who is as good at customizing buildings as she is at painting model horses. Thank you for allowing me to share your words and pictures, Stephanie, and yes, you do need to tackle a traditional scale barn!

My Two Dollar Barn

by Stephanie Blaylock

This is my two dollar flea market barn.
It's a Breyer stablemate barn. I bought it because it had "good lines."
I knew I wanted to paint it, but other than that I really didn’t have a plan. I used a hodgepodge of spray paints left over from other projects. I did wash the barn first with Bar Keepers Friend. I figured it would kill any residue that would cause paint not to stick.
I completely took the barn apart... every piece.
Then I spray painted it.
I let it dry over night, put it back together and lightly stained it with watered down acrylic stain and a huge brush and rag. I did one side at a time. This was the hardest part of the whole process. Then I let that completely dry.
I used Pan Pastels to further grunge and distress it with brushes and Q-tips. I used shades of sienna and gray. Then I used a flat sealer to finish it up. The barn is very imperfect and time worn. I think that’s the appeal of it to me.
A friend made the barn quilt from popsicle sticks. I added a tad of sienna to match it up to my barn color.
I am participating in the holiday decoration section of Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge. My garland wasn’t quite to scale so I trimmed it down with tiny scissors. Messy messy!
It was a fun project. Isn’t it cute?
This is a true story. Once I was in a parking lot and a very pitiful looking gentleman walked up to my car with these deer he was carving and selling. I LOVE tiny things so I had to have one! It’s been in my house for a couple years. It’s fate I tell you!
The tiny sled was shiny metal, so I painted and distressed it and sealed it with flat sealer.
I made a “vintage” wool blanket out of a piece of wire enforced ribbon.
That looks perfect.
I found these tiny round hay bales in the train section of the hobby store and bought them with a 40% off coupon.
I live in the country. This is what we do with round bales.
I decided to add some "snow" to the sleigh and round bales.
This snow is messy.
I sealed it with flat sealer to cut down on the mess.
Finally, it was time to take pictures of the finished mini Christmas barn. Here are a few of my favorites.
I think I’m ready for the traditional barn!


  1. I never would have thought to do that with Breyer's SM barn. It looks so much better! I also love all your G1 customs. They're so cute!

  2. Love the foals checking out the snowman - so much to love!

  3. That little foal with the flippy tail is just so beautiful. I normally don't gravitate towards foals but that one is incredible. Stephanie is indeed a woman of many talents. I also love (pardon the pun) that she sorted out the hooves on the walking Morgan stallion. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Stephanie, & thank you Jennifer for showcasing it here. <3 :^D