Friday, December 25, 2020

Quiet Christmas

 Most of our Christmases are quiet, but this one was a little moreso.

We must have been extra good this year, because there were a lot of presents under the tree.
Even the dogs had multiple gifts to unwrap.
The treats from Maya were a hit.
This will probably be, too, at least once we buy batteries.
I don't usually ask for or receive horsey presents, but a few found their way to me anyway. This little purple pony and model dog bed were gifts from Erin Corbett.
A few years ago we accidentally created a Christmas tradition of burying Emma under the used wrapping paper. Here's the 2020 pile.
I never did get around to decorating my new 1:9 scale Christmas tree or hanging stockings on my model fireplace. That's okay. It's been a weird and not very festive holiday season, but today was nice. I'll take it.

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