Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday favorites

Yesterday I went to the barn to pet noses and take a few pictures. It was quiet and most of the horses were eating. 

Then Karen arrived and turned Thunder out into the gelding field.
He trotted out to the herd and made a big circle around the group, looking for someone to play with him.
Samson said, "Not it."
Merlin made the mistake of making eye contact.
Thunder got a little over enthusiastic and Merlin tapped out.
Thunder went back to the herd.
Samson said, "Still not it."
Thunder pressed the issue.
Samson was having none of it.
Charlie was the next tribute.
He tried to get away.
There's no getting away from Thunder.
After Charlie was done, Thunder went back in the herd and tried to play with Olaf. That didn't end well.
So it was back to Samson, who once again said, "Not it."
About that time, Stealth trotted into the gelding field.
Stealth likes Thunder.
He has happy to play with him...
At least until his brother was turned out.
Then Stealth wanted nothing to do with Thunder.
So it was back to the herd again. And again and again.
There's no such thing as a boring day in the gelding field when this little Rocky is present.
I love him so much.
Thunder is the best photographer's assistant I've ever had, and today he is my Friday Favorite.

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