Sunday, December 4, 2016

Colorado hobbyist brunch

Yesterday, a group of local and not-quite-local hobbyists met at Cinzetti's restaurant in Northglenn, Colorado for a holiday brunch and gift exchange.
photo by Heather Roell
They didn't have a table big enough for all of us, so we were seated at two separate tables. This was a little awkward at first, but then people started circulating...
photo by Heather Roell
and it was just fine!
After we ate, it was time to open the presents.
In the past, we've had a white elephant type gift exchange, but this year we decided to draw names and give real gifts.
photo by Heather Roell
There were model horses,
model centaurs,
handmade ornaments, 
Harry Potter models, 
photo by Heather Roell
artist supplies, 
cat toys, 
nameplate halters, 
 and Blobby Buddies!
Everyone was delighted with their presents.
Including me!
photo by Heather Roell
I got two tubes of fancy chocolates, a gift card and fox socks. Thank you, Dana D'Ippolito!
photo by Heather Roell
This was such a fun day.
I love model horse shows, but sometimes I love getting together for food and socializing even more.
I love you guys.
Let's do that again soon!

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  1. Tickled to find that Cinzetti's has made it from Kansas City to Colorado. Cheers!