Friday, December 11, 2020

Photo showing is hard

So far, December has been unseasonably warm. That's great for riding, of course, but I have been waiting and waiting for the snow. This morning, we finally got some.
It wasn't much - only an inch or so - but that's more than enough for model horse photography. I bundled up, grabbed my camera and a few horses and went outside. My first photo turned out great.
The second one did, too. 
Then things took a turn for the worse. The light changed and the wind picked up. I got cold. The fence kept falling over, and the sticky wax didn't stick. I took photos of multiple horses and multiple set-ups and rejected all of them. I do like this picture of Hoka Hey playing keep away with Santa's hat, but you don't even want to know how many shots I had to take to get this one good one.
Tomorrow is also supposed to be snowy, so I'm going to give it another shot. Photo showing is hard, but I am determined. These pictures are happening even if I have to give myself frostbite in the process!


  1. Funny, I was doing a photo shoot today, too. I knew it was going to snow this weekend, but kind of forgot when I went running outside to capture the great cloud cover that certain models absolutely love. It snowed on me. My fingers froze. And all of my white legged ponies became floating bodies no matter how I adjusted the camera settings. Thankfully, there was a break in the snowfall and I was able to shake off my footing to finish with better contrast for those little beauties.

  2. The first two look like Christmas cards. So pretty!!