Sunday, December 6, 2020

Weekend Showcase: Tomás Varela

Kenzie Williamson's Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge continues to be the best thing happening in the hobby this month. Although I have yet to touch my own, I have greatly enjoyed the parade of barns, feed rooms, tack rooms and arenas. Today's weekend showcase post features the work of one of the most accomplished barn raisers, Tomás Varela.

Tomás has built several barns in his preferred 1:12 scale. This is one of the larger ones.
Would you like to peek inside that tack room door?
Of course, you would!
Here's a better look at those paintings. I think they are utterly charming!
Barn number two started out as a doll house shed.
Tomás cut the door in half and added window bars and hinges. 
The sandstone bricks were carved  into the front of the building using a needle file. This proved to be very difficult. Next time, he'll try another technique!
A tie ring and door latch complete the transformation.
What a cute, little barn!
Last but not least, here's 
Tomás' feed room.
This was built during the first pandemic related lockdown.
It is fantastic.
I wish I had made as good use of that time!
Thank you so much, 
Tomás, for sharing your barns with all of us. I hope your bookcase barn becomes a reality, and when it does, I hope to feature it here as well!

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