Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The barn my dad built

There was a time when my number one hobby goal was to own a real wooden barn.  Oh, I had lots of cardboard stand-ins...
but my horses deserved so much better!  I spent long hours obsessing over the barns in my Breyer manuals...
and nearly died of jealousy when my friend Cindy got the "Western Stable." 
Little did I know, something far better was headed my way!  This beautiful three stall barn was one of my father's earliest woodworking projects.
Dad spared no detail.  Unlike the Breyer barns of the day, my barn had hinged doors,
and shingles.
There were hooks for my bridles,
and at one point, there was a lovely metal weather vane on the roof.  Sadly time has taken its toll.  My barn is looking a bit worn and a lot dusty these days.
Still, it's a pretty wonderful barn.  It may not be the best thing my dad ever made, but it's definitely my favorite!


  1. I think you got the last word in Breyer barns! That is awesome!

  2. When are you going to take it home?

  3. I think you should bring it to me!

  4. Stunning barn. What a talent. That talent obviously passed to you.

  5. awesome.... I should show you the bridge Dad made me..

  6. I really love this detailed barn - your dad did an excellent job!

    Delighted greetings,

    Doreen from Germany

  7. That's so much better than the one my dad built me! Don't get me wrong, I thought my three stall balsa barn with removable roof, food and water troughs and rope stall closures was awesome, but only because I wasn't comparing it to this!

  8. So sweet! My dad and I worked on a stable together! No shingles or rafters though (how sweet!). Such great memories when parents indulge in your hobbies! The barn is beautiful and looks well loved!

  9. one word, WOW!!! That is so cool! And great of your dad to make it for you! I especially like the rafters, the shingles on the roof and the hooks for your bridles!!! They are a very neat touch!!

  10. I think that is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.. Such a wonderful stable!

  11. Love it, although its not the best thing your dad gave you, at least you to something.
    Sorry if I sound to mean, didnt mean it. :)
    Breyer 01!!!