Monday, November 2, 2020


Last Wednesday James sent me a message that read: I got called about my COVID test. It’s saliva so results are ambiguous. I have to move out of my room and isolate until I take another test.

He was given a couple hours to make arrangements and pack. Then he was picked up in a van and escorted to Corona Jail (actually a Best Western).
He was not allowed to leave his room, except to go take a more accurate nasal swab test. Meals were left at the door, and he was given a care package that included glow sticks and a twenty four piece puzzle.
Fortunately, the results of the second test came back negative. James was allowed to move back into his dorm room Friday afternoon.

This would all be a funny/not funny 2020 story like toilet paper shortages and squirrel watching, except on the same day that James got a clean bill of health, the United States recorded 99,321 new confirmed cases, setting a single day global record.

This should not come as a surprise. For months, the experts have been warning us about an autumn surge. Instead of paying attention to the science, the current administration continues to belittle the pandemic. They claim we are "rounding the curve" even as case numbers continue to climb and shrug off COVID related deaths as "almost nothing."

I bet the families of the four thousand Americans who have died in the last week take issue with that assessment. I know I do.

Tomorrow is election day. If you are a registered voter who has not voted yet, I implore you. Please put on your mask and go to the polls. Know your rights. Do not let yourself be intimidated. No one is allowed to stop you from voting. If you are not on a list and you think you should be, ask for a provisional ballot. Follow every instruction to the letter. Vote like your life, my life and our children's lives depend on it. This year, they probably do.


  1. Preach! Glad to hear James' second test was negative. If you haven't already: wear a mask, grab 3 friends, and go vote tomorrow y'all!

  2. i don't want to turn your blog into a political arena --but I just want to say that I must be one of the few people in America who is still undecided on who to chose!! Why does America insist on giving us lousy candidates to chose from --not only for the highest office in the land -but also depending on your state government???!!!
    There is no such thing as "choosing the lesser evil" when both parties are looking to vote on policies that will further harm some of its citizens!
    I'm scared too death about tomorrow--and I'm still not sure about what I'm going to do!

    1. Dear Anonymous ~ I've been a 3rd party voter many times because I hate the lesser of 2 evil voting you mentioned. I always felt like it was a protest vote.
      This year is different. Do I agree with everything Biden has to offer? No. But I believe he is a good man with the best interests of the country at heart. He loves his kids and is a man of faith. Regardless of your beliefs, I appreciate that he walks the walk. Worried about Hunter Biden's emails? - that's been debunked as a fake story to influence the election. Worried about Hunter's overseas jobs? I'm not at all. With all the eyes on them with a win, there is no way he will be able to use that job for influence. He's said it was a mistake to take too, and how many of us parents have had a facepalm moment with our kid's decisions sometimes. Biden understands science and believes scientists. I feel like he realizes he isn't the best and surrounds himself with experts - that he listens to.
      Trump has put his kids in positions of authority and no one seems to care. Where is the transparency with that set up? He lies. He's mean. I feel like he only looks out for his interests and if the country benefits, great! but it's not a priority. Look at how he manipulates using his hotels for the secret service then charges the government for it - he's made a lot of money doing that. I have listened to military commanders and intelligence officers say they can't support him. I've been a military spouse for a long time and I know what it takes for those people to really speak out. They typically are apolitical and support the office of the President. The fact they are speaking out matters. I have spent part of every day since March 10 studying and watching coronavirus stats and information. Trump is flat ignoring the scientists - it's not that they don't know, he's ignoring it.
      And if you really don't know yet which way you'll vote and every thing is even on policy matters, vote for the man you trust to watch your dog for a weekend.

  3. Hooray for James -- you must have been biting your nails!

    We voted Oct 19 and our ballots were logged as received the next day. I've never seen a county try so hard in these matters (Centre County PA).