Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New horses

I know I keep saying "no more unpainted resins," but sometimes I have to make an exception...  and Emilia Kurila's Heritage is exceptional in every sense of the word!
I fell in love with this sculpture last fall when he appeared in Emilia's Head Sculpting tutorial.  Painted or not--I am so pleased to have him in my collection!
Heritage isn't the only new horse this week.  
This little filly was born over the weekend, but I just met her yesterday.  She's half Lipizzan and will eventually turn grey.
The foal whisperer and I look forward to getting to know her better!


  1. Cool-looking resin! Not sure what breed he is supposed to be, but maybe Andalusian/PRE?

    The new foal is adorbs, of course. :) Do they really think s/he will turn all the way grey? I've never seen one start out as pinto and totally grey out so I'm very curious...

    1. Heritage is an old fashioned type Morgan. He's really a neat horse. So much presence!

      And I'm sure she'll go grey. I've known a couple grey pintos. In fact, there's one at Kenlyn now. Her name is Doodle and she's appeared in some of my posts. She looks like a white pony, but if you study her closely (or see her wet), you can still make out the spots!

  2. Ooooh I love Heritage! I don't do traditionals, but he sure makes me want to break that rule.

  3. that foal makes one of the top most beautifulest ive ever seen!!! I also equally <3 that trad. model!!!!!!

  4. Heritage is so beautiful. He's one of my grails, not that I'd ever be able to afford a resin like that :(