Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hobbies with Bobbie

There's no better cure for the hobby blues than spending a day with another hobbyist. For this and many other reasons, I was extremely happy to host an artist meet up day with Bobbie Allen of Horse Tender Studio earlier this week.
Since Bobbie's horse interests aren't limited to models, we started our day at Kenlyn where we photographed...
and cuddled with foals. 
Devosion's filly tried to photograph us as well! 
Once all the horses had been petted, it was back home for some show and tell. Bobbie and her husband own a laser cutting and engraving service and she brought along some of their wares. 
These would make excellent (and affordable) live show trophies.
The fine detail is really impressive. My mind is abuzz with all sorts of hobby applications! 
She also brought a pile of cross stitch saddle pads...
and her ingenious cross stitching frame, which was created with the laser cutter. 
Two of the pads stayed here with me. These are their fronts... 
and here's the backs. I love the way Bobbie signs her work! 
This was a really fun day, filled with horses and horse talk and lots of sharing. Thank you so much for visiting, Bobbie. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures in Japan!


  1. It was a wonderful day! I'm so glad you took more pictures than I did. Though I was armed with my camera, I was more interested in playing with the babies than taking pictures! It would have been fun to have pictures of the little bratty boy, but I think we were both too busy laughing at his antics, haha. ;) I had a lot of fun, thanks for spending the afternoon with me and showing me around the barn! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, people! It is indeed a treat to visit Jennifer - ! Yes those blanket signatures look pretty cool, less trouble than the way I do it.