Monday, October 7, 2019

The Jennifer Buxton class

I have been making tack for other people for more than twenty years, so I was not surprised to see a lot of tacked up horses in the Jennifer Show's Jennifer Buxton class.
What was surprising was how emotional I felt seeing so much of it in one place.
I wanted to give a gold Santana to every entry on the table, but since that wasn't possible, I awarded them to pieces that most stirred my heartstrings. These included Bobbie Allen's Reckless halter,
No one has supported my work more than Tiffany Purdy, so she was a shoo-in fror the fourth gold Santana.
The best display award went to Teresa Buzzell.
I love that she took the time to document her entry...
and I also love that she showed her snails!
So slimy!
The sixth and final Santana went to Christie Richardson's zebra.
There's a lot of backstory here. I have loved this Wrona by Mindy Berg ever since she appeared on my blog during NaMoPaiMo 2018.
I'm not alone. She's a really nice piece, and everyone loves her. Still, I think our relationship is extra special.
Christie knows this. Instead of tacking up a model like everyone else, she exploited my love for Strelitzia Regina by setting her up with a NaMoPaiMo gift bag in her mouth.
It totally worked. Always play to the judge, people!
Thank you to every single person who entered the Jennifer Buxton class at the Jennifer Show, and congratulations to Bobbie, Niki, Leah, Tiffany, Teresa and Christie. I hope you enjoy your Santanas as much as I enjoyed giving them out!


  1. At last I see what was a mystery before. Voila, a great model for a tack class! Now to get tack classes more popular...!